December 13, 2023
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10 Virtual Work Holiday Party Ideas for Remote Teams (2024)

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

Is your team scattered across various cities, or perhaps even different countries, operating remotely and in different locations? Just because you don’t have a traditional office setting doesn't mean you can’t celebrate the holidays with your team. In fact, it opens up exciting possibilities to bring a little holiday cheer to your virtual workspace. 

If you're looking for creative ways to bring the holiday spirit to your remote team, why not host a virtual holiday office party! Keep reading for fun tips and creative ideas to make your virtual celebration one that will be remembered and cherished.

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How do you celebrate holidays at work virtually?

From games to movies to pretty much any activity involving food and drinks, there are so many ways to make your virtual office party a blast! Start by engaging your team in the planning process; ask about their preferences and welcome their ideas.

Selecting a date for your virtual party is obviously the first step. Aand depending on the chosen activities, you’ll also want to plan enough time in advance for any gifts, treats, or special arrangements that may be required. If you find yourself at a loss for virtual office party ideas, feer not – we've got you covered.

How to Throw a Virtual Holiday Party at Work 

Here are some of our top 10 activities you can try to make your virtual holiday party festive and fun: 

Virtual Secret Santa 

A classic holiday tradition, Secret Santa, can seamlessly transition into the virtual realm. Utilize online Secret Santa generators, set a budget, and establish a deadline for sending gifts to recipients. Unwrap the joy together during your virtual party, creating a shared moment of holiday cheer.

Virtual Work Holiday Party Secret Santa

Send Your Team Treats 

Elevate your virtual gathering by sending delightful treats to your team members. Consider personalizing the packages based on individual preferences, ensuring that everyone receives a thoughtful selection of holiday goodies. This not only enhances the sweetness of your virtual celebration but also demonstrates a thoughtful touch.

Virtual Baking Class 

Speaking of sweets, engage your team with a fun and interactive virtual baking class. Hire a professional baker to guide the process, sharing tips and tricks for creating delectable holiday treats. This activity not only fosters teamwork but also provides a hands-on and enjoyable experience for all participants, including those with children.

Virtual Work Holiday Party

Trivia Night 

Test your team's holiday knowledge with a festive-themed trivia night on Zoom. Encourage participants to dress up, bring their favorite drinks and snacks, and offer a prize for the winner or winning team. Create a diverse set of trivia questions encompassing various holiday traditions, history, and pop culture, ensuring an engaging and entertaining experience for everyone.

Holiday Game Night 

Infuse energy into your virtual gathering with holiday-themed games. Whether it's themed bingo, holiday charades, or "never have I ever," holiday edition, engage your team in festive competition and camaraderie. Consider incorporating small prizes or rewards for the winners, adding an element of friendly competition and excitement to the virtual festivities.

Holiday-Themed Movie Night 

Let your team decide on a holiday movie and host a virtual movie night. Go the extra mile by sending out home movie night kits, complete with popcorn, candy, sodas, and other movie essentials. Encourage team members to share their favorite holiday movies and create a communal playlist for future virtual gatherings. Enjoy the movie together in a virtual setting, fostering a sense of shared experience and relaxation.

Virtual Holiday Dinner 

Bring a touch of tradition to your virtual holiday party with a sit-down dinner. Either send special meals to your team's homes or encourage them to cook their favorite dishes. Provide recipes for a signature holiday dish and encourage team members to share their cooking experiences during the virtual gathering. Add a dash of festive fun by donning ugly holiday sweaters and sharing personal anecdotes around the virtual table.

Home Office  Decorating Contest 

Add a personal touch to the festivities by organizing a home office decorating contest. Let team members showcase their festive setups and vote for the most creatively decorated workspace. Consider incorporating a theme, such as "Best Use of Lights" or "Most Unique Decoration," to inspire creativity. This not only adds a festive touch to the virtual workspace but also promotes team bonding through shared visual experiences.

Virtual Holiday Cocktail Party 

Spice up your virtual celebration by hosting a holiday cocktail party. Share recipes for festive drinks in advance, encouraging team members to prepare and showcase their creations during the event. Incorporate a virtual toast and encourage team members to share their favorite holiday drink traditions or concoctions.

Virtual Work Holiday Party

Share Holiday Traditions Around the World 

For globally distributed teams, foster a sense of cultural exchange by sharing holiday traditions from different countries. Turn it into a virtual dinner event, where everyone can prepare typical holiday snacks or meals, creating a multicultural celebration. Encourage team members to share stories about their traditions, creating a rich tapestry of cultural experiences within the team. This not only promotes understanding and appreciation but also strengthens the sense of belonging for each team member.

Spread Holiday Cheer With You Next Virtual Office Holiday Party! 

There you have it: 10 ideas to help take your virtual holiday party to a whole new level. From festive games and shared movie nights to yummy treats and cultural exchanges, these suggestions are sure to bring joy and connection to your remote team. 

So, gather your troops, embrace the festive vibes, and make your next virtual office holiday party a resounding success. Here's to creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of togetherness, no matter the distance. Wishing you a joyful and festive celebration with your remote colleagues!