November 29, 2023
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The 5 Best Co-Working Spaces in Cambridge, MA

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

Cambridge, Massachusetts, home to incredible institutions like Harvard and MIT, is a hub of innovation and collaboration. For professionals seeking dynamic co-working environments, the city boasts a range of exceptional spaces, which you can find on Sync, your free workspace discovery platform.

Out of the many workspace options available for professionals and startups, here are a few of our favorite co-working spaces in Cambridge:  

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The Top Workspaces near Harvard and MIT

Industry Lab 

Location: 288 Norfolk St, Cambridge

Located in Inman Square, Industry Lab is a dynamic co-working space inside a historic brick building with wood floors and abundant windows. Covering nearly 20,000 square feet, it serves as an amazing community where artists, engineers, scientists, and designers gather. Membership perks include a wealth of amenities, likepersonalized desk spaces, a stocked snack bar, event access, phone and recording booths, and much more. 

Workbar Cambridge 

Location: 130 Bishop Allen Dr 5th floor, Cambridge

Workbar is well known as one of the best co-working spaces in Boston. This location benefits from close proximity to academic institutions like Harvard and MIT. With thoughtfully designed workspaces and a focus on fostering connections, Workbar provides an optimal environment for professional growth and personal networking.


Location: 20 University Rd 5th Floor, Cambridge

Industrious at Harvard Square stands out for its versatile co-working solutions, catering to teams of all sizes. Conveniently connected to the Charles Hotel and just steps away from Harvard University, this workspace provides a bustling atmosphere surrounded by local attractions.

Staples Studio Cambridge 

Location: 186 Alewife Brook Parkway Fresh Pond Mall, Cambridge

Known for its comfort, convenience, and outstanding amenities, Staples Studio at Fresh Pond Mall offers various workspace options, from day passes to private offices and meeting rooms. The well-organized layout provides a mix of collaborative and quiet spaces.

CIC Cambridge @ 245 Main

Location: 245 Main St, Cambridge

Strategically positioned at the heart of Kendall Square, CIC's flagship campus offers 250,000 square feet of professionally managed, flexible workspace. Adjacent to MIT and minutes away from Harvard University and downtown Boston, CIC Cambridge provides a beautifully designed environment that encourages collaboration.

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In summary, Cambridge is packed with a range of different workspace options, each bringing its own unique ambiance and advantages. Whether you're an independent entrepreneur, part of a remote team, or in search of a collaborative community, these five coworking spots offer the perfect workplace setting.

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