December 22, 2023
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5 Tips To Work Remotely at Your Parents’ for the Holidays

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

The holiday season is a time for celebration, family, and resetting at the end of yet another year. For many of us, it means traveling back to our hometowns, another city, or another country to spend quality time with our friends and family. And for remote and hybrid employees, it can also mean leaving our usual home office and WFH routine to go work from our parents’ house. 

If work is overlapping with the time you’ll be spending at your parents’ house this year, fear not. We’re going to share some of our top tips for navigating the holidays, family time, and working from home. 

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5 Tips to Work From Your Parents’ Home 

1. Communicate expectations in advance 

First thing’s first: The best thing you can do when preparing to work from your parents’ is to communicate expectations before going. Let your parents know what your schedule looks like and how demanding or flexible your hours are. 

That way, they will know exactly what to expect and won’t feel disappointed during your stay. Not to mention, it can help prevent any tense moments or arguments during the holidays. 

Tips to Work Remotely at Your Parents' for the Holidays

2. Establish your workspace 

Once you do arrive at your parents’ for the holidays, be sure to set up your own space that you will use during your working hours. Ideally, this would be a spare room or an unused office – anything with a door you can close. But even just ensuring that you have your own desk or workspace can do wonders in helping you switch on and off from work. 

This will also help your family know when you are in work mode and therefore help them respect your boundaries during working hours. 

3. Communicate your working hours 

Be sure to tell your parents exactly when you will be working. Not only will this help you with your boundaries between work and play, but it will also help them plan out their days and schedules while you are staying at home. 

If you have any important meetings on your calendar during your stay, this is a great opportunity to let your family know that as well! There’s no better way to start a petty yelling match than having your mom or dad entering in the background during one of your Zoom calls. 

4. Work from somewhere else

Depending on your parents’ setup, how much privacy you have, and how many family members are staying for the holidays, you might even be better off working from outside the house during your stay. 

Find a laptop-friendly place to work from using Sync, like a local coffee shop, a library, or a coworking space. There are plenty of workspace options that you can look into that will give you the privacy and setup that you need to work during the holidays. 

5. Take advantage of the perks

And finally, be sure to enjoy the benefits of working from home with your parents! If you have children, for example, why not have your parents take them out for the day. This is a win-win-win situation! You have someone to watch your kid during the workday, your kid is entertained, and your parents get to spend time with their grandchild – which is especially nice if you live far away! 

By properly communicating in advance and establishing your boundaries during the workday, there’s no reason why you and your family can’t enjoy your “togetherness” during the holidays. 

Tips to Work Remotely at Your Parents' for the Holidays

Master the WFM Life This Holiday Season! 

💡Bonus tip: When all is said and done, remember to go easy on yourself during the holidays. While this is a magical, special time, it can also be stressful and overwhelming – especially when you’re traveling and trying to close out the work year at the same time. Set realistic expectations for yourself and what you will be able to accomplish. And better yet, give yourself some well deserved time off to enjoy some relaxation with your loved ones. Happy holidays!