February 21, 2023
3 min read

5 Ways to Make Coffee Shops Remote Work-Friendly

Haley Grant
CPO & Co-Founder of Sync

Working from a coffee shop is an amazing way to switch things up and enjoy a change of scenery, especially for people who work from home. And now, with 58% of Americans saying they can work remotely at least part time, there’s really no better time than now to be the owner of a coffee shop. That is, if you know how to leverage the benefits of this new normal. 

Keep reading to find out how coffee shops can benefit from the remote work model and how you can make your business the next work hotspot. 

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Remote work and coffee shops: A match made in heaven 

People have always loved working out of coffee shops. Whether it be to get out of the house, enjoy a change of scenery, or find a place to work with friends, cafes have been the unofficial WeWork for a long time. And with more people working from home than ever before, coffee shops are in a position to seriously transform into coworking spaces and enjoy the benefits of this new customer base. 

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Attracting remote workers is a fantastic way for coffee shops to increase and diversify their customer base and to increase revenue. Remote workers are more likely to stay longer at a cafe, meaning they’re more likely to spend more money on coffee and food. And if remote workers have a good experience working from a cafe, they’re more likely to tell their friends or coworkers about it – meaning more customers and more revenue. 

Tips to make your cafe remote work-friendly

When it comes to getting good word-of-mouth, the key thing to focus on is creating a good experience for people to work from your cafe. 

  1. Good WiFi is a must

It goes without saying, to be the hotspot in town among remote workers, you have to have reliable WiFi. Don’t be one of those coffee shops that advertises “free WiFi” only to have customers struggle with a good connection. Think of your WiFi as a company website or a product. You usually have 2-3 seconds to capture someone’s attention. If you fail to do that or give them a poor experience, you’ve lost them – probably for good. 

If a customer goes to start working on their computer while at your cafe and can’t get a good connection, they will likely leave, never come back to work, and worse, tell others about their poor experience working from your place. Take the time to invest in a good WiFi provider and you’ll already be one step ahead of many other coffee shops. 

Laptop, coffee, pens, notebook, and other home office items.
  1. Charger outlets galore!

The amount of time your customers spend at your cafe should never be determined by the battery of their laptop. Having enough charger outlets at your coffee shop is honestly a huge flex. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a great cafe only to find limited charger outlets or none at all. In an ideal world, you would have charger outlets available for every table. When it comes to outlets, the more the merrier! Less is never best. 

  1. Bigger tables, comfortable seating 

Some people like high tops, some like couches, some like large, spacious tables. If your space can accommodate, consider setting up large tables for group work. Or better yet, have a variety of seating options to give your customers different choices. Maybe you have one section of your coffee shop that’s a no-work zone, while your large tables are reserved for remote workers. 

Whatever works for your business and your customer base, take the needs of remote workers into consideration so that you can get them to stay longer and buy more from you. 

  1. Water, please!

People get thirsty during the work day. Make life easier for both you and your customers by setting up a water station. This way you and your employees won’t be bothered by constant water refill requests and your customers can hydrate as frequently as they want without having to order it at the counter every time.  

  1. Offer refills or discounts 

As we’ve already mentioned, your customers who stay at your coffee shop all day are much more likely to keep spending. So why not give an extra push by offering discounts on beverages or food? For example, maybe you offer a discount on coffee refills. What’s going to happen when your customers can continuously refill their coffee? They will stay longer. What happens when they stay longer? They’ll get hungry and then just like that, what would’ve just been a coffee order now has turned into multiple coffees and a lunch order. 

Transform your cafe into a coworking space 

There you have it: How to make your cafe remote work-friendly! These are just some of the ways you can make your business a laptop-friendly space to attract all the remote workers looking for cool cafes to work from. Grow your customer base, diversify your usual crowds, get positive word of mouth, and increase your revenue – all with a few simple adjustments! Get creative with your business to make it part cafe, part coworking space.