January 31, 2023
3 min read

Unlock the Benefits of Remote Work: 7 Reasons to Go Remote

Haley Grant
Co-Founder & CPO of Sync

Ah the joys of remote work. From wearing pajamas far too often than you should to enjoying a flexible work schedule to no longer needing to commute to an office every day, there are so many reasons to love working from home. Sure, there are also downsides to working remote, such as moments of feeling less motivated or feeling a bit isolated. But in this article, we’re here to talk about all the reasons we absolutely love working remote and the different benefits people can enjoy.

Whether you already work remote or you’re considering making the switch from your current company, here are 7 reasons why working remote is so awesome.

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The Top Advantages of Working Remote

  1. “Bye bye” commutes!

To be honest, we can’t think of many people who genuinely enjoy commuting to an office every day. From sitting on the subway to walking in the cold to commuting in hours in traffic each way, it’s fair to say that more often than not, commuting is not a perk of office work. 

For us, this has to be one of the top benefits of remote work. I mean, what could be better than those days when you just want to roll out of bed in your pajamas, open your computer, sign on, and go make your cup of coffee. No need to wake up early enough to get ready, have breakfast, and still have enough time to get to the office. For you, this could mean extra sleep in the morning or even just more time for yourself before work. Regardless, one thing’s for sure: Far less hassle.

  1. Work from wherever you want

One of the most obvious and exciting perks of working from home is that “home” can be anywhere. Sure, you might have some restrictions related to time zone or country. But for the most part, remote workers have complete flexibility around their work location.

Go take that long weekend trip with friends knowing you can work from your getaway Friday or Monday. Split half the time in the city and the other half back home with family or friends. Move to that neighborhood in the complete opposite direction of where your office once was. The key here is, as a remote worker, you have options.

  1. Access to more opportunities

Remote work has broken down barriers that once existed as a result of a person’s location. Maybe in the past you came across a job that was absolutely perfect for you. The only problem was that it was in a different city or state. Today, with more remote jobs than ever before, that’s no longer an issue. 

Do you see a remote job out in LA that matches your profile, yet you’re set up in New York? Go for it. With remote work, there are very few limits preventing you from accessing a massive pool of opportunities.

  1. Save money

Another benefit we didn’t mention yet related to our first point is the amount of money you save working remote. Think about: No more commutes means no more public transportation, no more paying for as much gas to drive every day, potentially eating in instead of eating out most days, you get the picture. So if you work remote and you notice your bank account is feeling a bit more cushiony than post-remote work times, know that you’re not alone.

  1. More productivity

It’s super common to hear remote workers talk about how much more productive they are at their job working from home. In fact, studies show that people who work from home are 47% more productive than those who don’t work from home. This isn’t too surprising given the time saved in commuting and chatting with coworkers in the office. Not to mention, remote work allows people to work in a generally quieter environment.

  1. Better work-life balance

This next point is a funny one because it’s also said that work-life balance can struggle with remote work. But the thing is, once you have your routine down, a good work-life balance is one of the top advantages of remote work. Generally, people working from home have more flexibility with the hours they’re working. In other words, you can structure your days how you want. Maybe that means taking time every morning or afternoon to step out for a workout. Or going out for your lunch break with a friend one day a week.

This level of flexibility makes it much easier to have more ownership over your daily schedule to achieve the work-life balance you’ve always wanted.

  1. Overall better wellbeing

To sum it all up, remote workers actually report feeling more happy and enjoy overall better wellbeing. In fact, 78% of people claim that remote and hybrid work have improved their wellbeing. It goes without saying that everyone is different and what works for some people won’t necessarily work for others. But if you already work remote or want to try it, know that there are so many awesome benefits of working from home. It’s not always perfect, but once you find what works for you, it could feel pretty close.