November 10, 2023
3 min read

The 7 Best Coffee Shops in SoHo With WiFi (2024)

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

SoHo, with its artistic charm and trendy atmosphere, is not only a hub for fashion and culture but also a thriving space for remote workers seeking the perfect blend of caffeine and connectivity. 

Let's explore the best coffee shops in SoHo that offer a welcoming environment and, most importantly, reliable WiFi.

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7 Places to Work From in SoHo 

Jack's Stir Brew Coffee

📍Location: 26th Avenue, New York

Walk inside the Roxy Hotel, and Jack's Stir Brew Coffee stands out as a haven for remote workers. With its expansive space, this coffee shop provides an ideal setting for those seeking a quiet spot to work. The complimentary WiFi and a choice of cozy sofa seating or well-equipped tables, complete with ample outlets, make it a go-to spot for productivity. 

Beyond the work hours, Jack's Stir Brew transforms into a vibrant hangout, perfect for unwinding during happy hour.

Ground Support Cafe

📍Location: 399 W Broadway, New York

Ground Support Cafe earns its spot as one of the best coffee shops in SoHo due to its laid-back vibe and practical amenities. With communal tables and outdoor benches, it caters to those who appreciate a shared workspace. 

Despite limited seating, the strong and reasonably priced coffee, along with reliable WiFi and outlets, make it an excellent choice for remote work.

Drip Drop Café

📍Location: 107 Thompson St ST2, New York

Modern, clean, and warm, Drip Drop Café offers a variety of coffee drinks and small baked treats. The seating in the back, along with available WiFi, makes it a comfortable spot to work. 

The friendly service adds to the positive experience, creating a conducive environment for productivity.

citizenM New York Bowery Hotel

📍Location: 189 Bowery, New York

While not a traditional coffee shop, citizenM New York Bowery Hotel offers a unique coworking-style experience. For a fee of $25, individuals gain access to a stunning workspace equipped with WiFi, power outlets, and a selection of snacks and meals. 

This unconventional approach provides a refreshing alternative for those seeking a professional environment to get work done.

Kaigo Coffee Room

📍Location: 120 C Lafayette St, New York

Known for its chill atmosphere, Kaigo Coffee Room is a specialty coffee haven. With a menu featuring everything from espresso to cold-brew coffees, accompanied by delicious chai lattes and pastries, it caters to diverse tastes. 

The WiFi is robust, and the spacious layout provides ample room for laptop users, making it a great coffee shop discovery for remote work.

Now or Never Coffee

📍Location: 30 Grand St, New York

This industrial-style coffee shop exudes an easygoing vibe, supplying a range of breakfast bites and specialty drinks. With a clean, bright interior and interesting latte options, Now or Never Coffee is not just about aesthetics—it also boasts fast WiFi and cordial service. 

The diverse seating options and quick WiFi make it a suitable spot for work, complemented by a friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere.

787 Coffee

📍Location: 72 Thompson St, New York

Tucked away in an undisclosed location, 787 Coffee stands out as a cheery cafe with a unique twist—it sources its coffee beans from its own farm in Puerto Rico. The cafe offers WiFi and even a printer service, enhancing its appeal as a neighborhood gem. 

The inviting ambiance, good lighting, and accommodating staff make it an ideal spot for remote work, creating a happy and cozy atmosphere.

In conclusion, SoHo's coffee scene goes beyond just a cup of joe—it extends to providing a conducive environment for remote work, making these coffee shops the best choices for those seeking a blend of productivity and delicious coffee. Whether you're a freelancer, student, or professional, these SoHo coffee shops offer the perfect setting to sip, savor, and work away.