November 27, 2023
3 min read

The 7 Best Places to Study From in Cambridge, MA (2024)

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

What better place to get in some quality study time than at a cafe or library in Cambridge. Home to Harvard University and many other renowned universities, Cambridge is known for its vibrant academic atmosphere and rich cultural scene. For students and professionals alike, finding the perfect spot to study is crucial. 

Keep reading for a list of some of our favorite places to study in Cambridge, ranging from libraries to cozy cafes.

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7 Laptop-Friendly Places Near Cambridge

Cambridge Public Library 

📍Location: 449 Broadway, Cambridge 

The Cambridge Public Library stands out as an ideal space for those seeking a quiet and productive study environment. With free wireless internet and a fantasic book selection, it has consistently been known as one of the best libraries in the area. 

While some may note a limited seating area, the library compensates with up-to-date rooms, free WiFi, and complimentary computer use for library cardholders.

Capital One Café 

📍Location: 24 John F. Kennedy St, Cambridge

Situated in the heart of Harvard Square, the Capital One Café offers a unique blend of professionalism and chill coffeehouse vibes. With free WiFi and a modern setting, it provides an ideal backdrop for focused study sessions. 

There's both window seating, some tables, and private rooms for group study, making it a standout choice for those seeking a dynamic and bustling atmosphere.

Diesel Cafe

📍Location: 257 Elm St, Somerville 

For a hip and industrial study setting, the Diesel Cafe in nearby Somerville is a top choice. Known for its high-end coffee, vegetarian-friendly fare, and free WiFi, this cafe provides a unique ambiance conducive to productivity. 

The spacious layout, abundance of power outlets, and the presence of a pool table add to its charm, making it a go-to spot for those looking for a cool and relaxed study environment.

Harvard Coop - Harvard Square 

📍Location: 1400 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

The Harvard Coop, situated in the heart of Harvard Square, offers a delightful mix of bookish charm and cozy study spaces. The COOP cafe serves assorted drinks, sandwiches, and pastries, featuring Starbucks coffee. 

It provides a perfectu study spot in the center of the bustling Harvard Square, making it an excellent spot to meet friends, catch up on work, or simply unwind surrounded by books and magazines.

Peet's Coffee

📍Location: 100 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge

The Berkeley-born chain, Peet's Coffee, in the quaint Winthrop Square, is a welcoming space for study sessions. WIth a calming atmosphere, plenty of natural lighting, and comfortable seating, it offers an excellent backdrop for study sessions. 

With free WiFi and even a little outdoor seating, Peet's Coffee provides a refreshing and inviting environment for those seeking a blend of productivity and relaxation.

Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center

📍Location: 1350 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Situated right in Harvard Square, the Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center offers a diverse array of study spaces. From the inviting roof deck to the green corridors, this center is designed for productivity. 

With public restrooms, plentiful seating, and an abundance of natural light, it's a great option for remote work, offering the added bonus of delicious food and coffee options.

Discover Amazing Places to Study From - With WiFi - in Cambridge!

Apart from these specific locations, Cambridge provides numerous outdoor spaces, parks, and historic sites that can serve as alternative study spots. Explore the local scene to find hidden gems that align with your study preferences and needs - and feel free to add them on Sync if we don't already have them!

Whether you prefer the peace of a library, the buzz of a coffeehouse, or the unique charm of a cafe, Cambridge has a variety of spaces to cater to different study styles. So, grab your books, laptop, and a cup of coffee, and get ready to make the most of these exceptional study spots in Cambridge.