December 6, 2023
3 min read

Coffee Shops With WiFi Near Me: Find Laptop-Friendly Places

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

Looking for coffee shops with WiFi in your area? There’s honestly nothing more frustrating than arriving at a cafe to work from and discovering that there is no WiFi or that it’s poor quality. And that’s exactly the issue that we’re addressing at Sync

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on how to locate coffee shops with WiFi to make the most of your time and sidestep unnecessary hassle.

We'll also introduce you to Sync, our free platform designed to connect you with exceptional laptop-friendly places and like-minded professionals on the go.

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Why do some coffee shops not have WiFi?

There are different reasons why certain coffee shops may opt not to offer WiFi:

  1. Preventing Lengthy Stays: Some cafes choose to forego WiFi to discourage customers from lingering for extended periods.
  2. Table Turnover: Quick turnover of tables can be a priority for certain establishments to boost revenue.
  3. Spending Concerns: There's a fear that patrons working on laptops may not spend enough money.

That being said, it's worth noting that some cafes, even without WiFi, allow customers to work using their personal hotspots. If you do decide to work from a coffee shop, try to be considerate by ordering beverages or food so as to support the business.

Coffee shops with WiFi near me

Why do some coffee shops not allow laptops? 

Aside from WiFi restrictions, certain coffee shops may also enforce policies that prohibit the use of laptops entirely. If you’re unsure about a particular coffee shop's stance on laptops, it's always best to ask the staff directly to understand what their laptop policy is and any potential time restrictions they may have in place.

In these types of situations, courtesy is essential. When working from different local establishments, be considerate and respectful of the rules set by each. Being aware of and adhering to these guidelines ensures a beneficial working environment for both yourself and the coffee shop staff.

How to Find the Best Coffee Shops with WiFi and Outlets 

Here are a few tips to identify cafes with WiFi, outlets, and a conducive work environment:

  1. Google Reviews: Check online reviews for more information on the quality of WiFi and overall work-friendly atmosphere.
  2. Call in Advance: If you can’t find any information online, call the coffee shop beforehand to ask about their WiFi and outlet availability. 
  3. Ask Upon Arrival: When you happen upon a coffee shop you like, ask about their WiFi and check for available outlets before placing an order.
  4. Search for Places on Sync: Find laptop-friendly places near you on Sync, with information on WiFi quality, seating availability, and more.

Introducing Sync: Your Free Workspace Finder 

Sync is a social marketplace connecting you with the best laptop-friendly places nearby, while offering insights into where other professionals like to work from. Our platform simplifies the search process with filtered preferences such as WiFi, outlets, natural light, and seating availability.

Connect with friends and professionals, discover and recommend workspaces, and make the most of Sync's user-friendly interface. If you have a favorite coffee shop or workspace, add it to Sync via the "recommend" button to contribute to our growing community of flexible workspaces.

In your search for the perfect coffee shop with WiFi, let Sync be your guide. Maximize your productivity and enjoy a seamless work experience with our user-friendly platform.