June 24, 2023
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3 Laptop-Friendly Breweries You Can Work From in Boston (2024)

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

Looking to work from outside the house? While coffee shops are always the easy first choice when you’re looking for a change of scenery during the workday, there are so many other awesome places in Boston that you can work from. One less obvious place you can work from are breweries! This may not seem like the most obvious choice, but it’s actually amazing if you’re looking to be around people, a spacious work environment, and a chill atmosphere with minimal noise. These places have WiFi, a good atmosphere, and are totally welcoming to people who want to work on their laptops during the day.

Keep reading for a few of our favorite breweries to work from in Boston that are in the Seaport/South Boston area!

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The Best Breweries to Work From in Boston

Trillium - Seaport 

50 Thomson Pl, Boston

Trillium offers a great working environment with its spacious and open interior. While many people with laptops tend to go to the bar area for seating, you are more than welcome to work from one of the big tables. If you plan on working at Trillium for a while and need access to charger outlets, the 2-person high top tables next to the windows are your best bet.

The brewery provides a delightful atmosphere with its $1 oyster special from 2pm to 4pm on weekdays, making it a fantastic option if you're a fan of oysters and happen to be working there during midday. The WiFi connection is strong, allowing you to take meetings without worrying about connectivity issues. Trillium also plays music, but it's not distracting or too loud.

With plenty of natural light, Trillium offers a bright and productive workspace. The friendly staff mentioned that it's a popular spot for daily remote workers, which is a testament to its appeal as a work-friendly brewery.

Harpoon Brewery - Seaport 

306 Northern Ave, Boston

Harpoon Brewery not only offers great beer but also a spacious beer hall that's perfect for working. The large tables provide ample space to spread out and work comfortably. If you're hungry while working, don't miss their special pretzels, which come with various delicious dips to choose from (my personal favorite is the garlic butter dip!).

The brewery is filled with natural light, creating a pleasant and inviting ambiance. Additionally, you can enjoy lovely views of the Harbor while you work. While charger outlets may be limited, and noise levels can vary depending on the time you visit, Harpoon Brewery is still a fantastic option if you crave a bit of social interaction and a change of scenery from your home office.

Castle Island Brewing - South Boston 

10 Old Colony Ave, Boston

Castle Island Brewing may be smaller than other breweries in the area, but it still offers a spacious environment with plenty of natural light. Whether you choose to sit inside at one of their many tables or at the bar, or opt for the lovely outdoor patio, you'll find a calm and relaxed atmosphere to work in.

The brewery provides reliable WiFi, ensuring that you can stay connected and get your work done without interruptions. Located next to Shy Bird, Castle Island Brewing has become a major hotspot for remote workers, offering a variety of options for those seeking a change of scenery.

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Next time you're looking to take a break from your home office, consider trying out one of these laptop-friendly breweries in Boston's Seaport/South Boston area. They offer great working environments, great WiFi, and a unique atmosphere that can make your workday more enjoyable.