December 7, 2023
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The 5 Best Coffee Shops With WiFi in the Financial District, NYC

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

Looking for a coffee shop with WiFi in New York's Financial District? Sure, there are plenty of spots to grab a coffee. But knowing which places you can actually sit down at and work for a bit is a different story. Whether you're in the city for the day on business or you just need a break from your usual home office, there are plenty of great cafes with WiFi and great vibes that you can get in some productivity time.

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Otherwise, keep reading for some of our top picks when it comes to cafes with WiFi in FiDi:

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Top 5 Cafes to Work From in the Financial District

Bean & Bean Wall St

71 Broadway, New York, NY 10006

In the heart of the Financial District, Bean & Bean Wall St stands out as a favorite for remote workers seeking a blend of friendly service, yummy pastries, and consistently impressive lattes. This coffee spot is renowned for its inviting atmosphere, with a staff that is known for its impressive customer service. The laptop-friendly environment and complimentary WiFi make it a top choice for those balancing work and coffee time.

Voyager Espresso

110 William St Lower Level, Lower Level, NY 10038

Voyager Espresso, with its sleek and futuristic ambiance, provides a unique setting for remote work. The minimalist vibe and a modest menu featuring gourmet toast, smoothies, and chia pudding create a distinct experience. This chic coffee shop offers both a visually appealing environment and strong WiFi, making it an ideal option for those working on the go.

Gregorys Coffee

80 Broad St, New York, NY 10004

As part of a local chain, Gregorys Coffee charms patrons with its super cute ambiance and very friendly staff. The wide variety of drinks and food, including options for gluten-free and vegan preferences, add to its appeal. Despite slightly higher prices, the quality of coffee justifies the cost, and the availability of free WiFi further enhances the overall experience for remote workers.

787 Coffee

66 Pearl St, New York, NY 10004

787 Coffee, a trendy establishment with a cozy vibe, serves up Puerto Rican pastries and drinks, including its famous rum-infused coffees. There is sofa seating for those looking for added comfort, creating a pleasant atmosphere for catching up on work in the Financial District. With the added benefit of WiFi, this spot becomes an excellent choice for anyone in need of a solid work environment.

Blue Spoon Coffee Company

90 William St, New York, NY 10038

Blue Spoon Coffee Company, with its petite and bright atmosphere, offers a great experience for professionals and coffee lovers. The upscale espresso, complemented by pastries and soups, creates a cozy ambiance. While seating may be limited, those fortunate enough to secure a table will find a laptop-friendly environment with WiFi, making it a convenient and charming option for remote work in the Financial District.

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There you have it: 5 coffee shops with WiFi, delicious coffee and bites, and overall great vibes. If you're traveling in town on business or you just need a change of scenery during the day, stop by one of these local establishments for a quality cup of coffee and great work environment.

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