July 30, 2023
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The Best Coworking Spaces in Back Bay & Downtown Boston (2024)

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

In the ever-evolving work landscape, coworking spaces have become a very compelling solution for people looking for a mix of flexibility, community, and collaboration during the work week. And one of the best places to find this sweet spot is none other than the entrepreneurial city of Boston. The city's Back Bay and Downtown areas have become hotspots for cutting-edge coworking spaces that meet the unique needs of today's workforce.

Whether you're a creative professional seeking a vibrant work hub, a startup founder in search of a nurturing ecosystem, or a remote worker looking to network with like-minded professionals, we've put together this list of coworking spaces that will tick all of your boxes.

Keep reading to discover all the flexible workspaces in Back Bay and Downtown Boston, where innovation, productivity, and collaboration blend harmoniously to shape the future of work.

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A true pioneer in the coworking space arena, WeWork provides multiple locations in Boston. With its open, spacious design, WeWork caters to professionals of all kinds. High-speed internet, private offices, and communal areas are just some of the amenities that contribute to the productivity and networking that these coworking spaces are known for.


200 Portland St, Boston, MA 02114

33 Arch St, Boston, MA 02110

711 Atlantic Ave 6th floor, Boston, MA 02111

1 Lincoln St, Boston, MA 02111

75 Arlington St, Boston, MA 02116

200 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116

501 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

Workbar Boston 

Workbar Boston takes a community-focused approach to creating an environment that's perfect for both creativity and collaboration. Members can benefit from networking events, coffee bars, and access to multiple locations across Boston's Back Bay and Downtown areas. Check out their different memberships for private office space, meeting rooms, team coworking spaces, and more.


24 School St 2nd floor, Boston, MA 02108

399 Boylston St F6, Boston, MA 02116


Industrious stands out with its upscale and sophisticated coworking spaces. From high-end amenities to spacious work areas and private offices, it caters to diverse business needs, offering an exclusive and polished coworking experience. Whether you're an individual, a small team, or looking for company headquarters, Industrious has it all.


855 Boylston St #1000, Boston, MA 02116

100 Summer Street Suite 1600, Boston, MA 02110

22 Boston Wharf Rd 7th floor, Boston, MA 02210 

Spaces Newbury Street 

Spaces Newbury Street exudes a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, ideal for entrepreneurs and startups. Open-plan layouts encourage collaboration, while private offices cater to focused work. Its prime location makes it a favorite among Boston's entrepreneur and business community.


4th and 5th Floor, 361 Newbury St #3rd, Boston, MA 02115 

Venture Lane Startup Hub

Venture Lane Startup Hub is a fantastic space for startups and early-stage businesses. Apart from providing coworking spaces, it offers valuable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help startups thrive.


55 Court St Floor 2, Boston, MA 02108 

CIC Boston 

CIC Boston is more than just a coworking space; it's a thriving innovation ecosystem. With a diverse community of startups, established companies, and entrepreneurs, CIC fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange. Take advantage of the fully stocked kitchen, meeting and video conference rooms, and the community events that CIC offers its members.


50 Milk St 16th floor, Boston, MA 02109

Courtyard Coworking Boston 

Courtyard Coworking Boston offers a welcoming and laid-back environment, perfect for freelancers and independent workers seeking hassle-free workspaces in the heart of the city. This space offers snacks and drinks, coworking desks, conference rooms, and private office space for whatever your needs are.


68 Harrison Ave 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02111

Discover Boston’s Coworking Scene in Back Bay & Downtown 

There you have it: Some of our top picks for coworking spaces in Boston. As you can see, there is such a rich selection of coworking spaces in Back Bay and Downtown Boston, each offering a unique atmosphere and set of amenities. From the modern and diverse options at WeWork to the sophisticated and upscale Industrious, and the community-driven Workbar, professionals can find their perfect coworking fit in the heart of Boston. Whether you're a freelancer, startup founder, or remote employee, these coworking spaces provide an array of choices to elevate your work experience.