November 13, 2023
3 min read

The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Chelsea With WiFi (2024)

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

New York’s Chelsea neighborhood is known for its vibrant atmosphere, art galleries, and trendy boutiques. What many may not know is that it’s also a bustling hub of laptop-friendly coffee shops and unique places for remote workers to work from. 

Here are some of our favorite coffee shops with WiFi in Chelsea, with delicious coffee, tasty bites, and an overall awesome vibe. 

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The 5 Best Laptop-Friendly Cafes to Work From in Chelsea

Bean & Bean Chelsea

📍Location: 318 8th Ave, New York

Bean & Bean Chelsea has established itself as a haven for productivity enthusiasts, offering ample space, numerous power outlets, and a conducive environment for group work. The WiFi is reliable, making it an ideal spot for remote work or casual gatherings. 

Customers praise the friendly staff and the delightful combination of great coffee and mouthwatering muffins. The clean restrooms add an extra touch of comfort, leaving patrons eager to return.

Intelligentsia Coffee High Line Hotel Coffeebar

📍Location: High Line Hotel 180 10th Ave at, W 20th St, New York

For those seeking a high-end coffee experience, the Intelligentsia Coffee High Line Hotel Coffeebar stands out as a top choice. This contemporary coffee bar chain offers a visually appealing setting with rooftop-like bus seats and a great outdoor seating arrangement surrounded by plants. 

The fast WiFi, diverse drink selection, and tempting cakes and pastries make it a must-visit for coffee connoisseurs in Chelsea.

Telegraphe Cafe

📍Location: 107 W 18th St, New York

Telegraphe Cafe blends modern aesthetics with French-inspired cuisine, creating a compact yet inviting space. The cafe's great WiFi, friendly service, and high-quality food make it a fantastic spot for work, study, or casual meetups.

With both indoor and covered outdoor seating equipped with WiFi access, Telegraphe Cafe offers a versatile environment for patrons looking to enjoy delicious soups, sandwiches, and, of course, a comforting cup of coffee.

Coffee Project New York | Chelsea

📍Location: 155 7th Ave, New York

Coffee Project New York in Chelsea boasts a spacious and service-oriented environment, making it an excellent choice for coffee lovers. The venue offers an abundance of seats and reliable WiFi, though perhaps not fast enough for Zoom calls, as humorously noted by one visitor. 

With free WiFi, clean restrooms, and an extensive menu featuring various pastries and food options, this coffee haven bathed in natural light through large windows is a definite winner.

Variety Coffee Roasters

📍Location: 261 7th Ave, New York 

Variety Coffee Roasters stands out as a go-to place for remote work, providing ample tables, WiFi, and power outlets. Customers rave about the excellent espresso, chill atmosphere, and reliable WiFi – perfect for catching up on work or enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee. 

With great lighting, plenty of seats, and a variety of pastries, Variety Coffee Roasters earns its reputation as a recommendation for anyone seeking a comfortable space to stay and work for a few hours.

Discover the Best Coffee Shops for Remote Workers & Students in Chelsea!

Whether you're a freelancer, student, or simply a coffee enthusiast exploring Chelsea, these coffee shops offer a diverse range of experiences. From the spacious and work-friendly Bean & Bean Chelsea to the high-end and visually appealing Intelligentsia Coffee High Line Hotel Coffeebar, each establishment has its own unique charm, making Chelsea a haven for those seeking both great coffee and a welcoming atmosphere.