December 19, 2023
3 min read

The Top 5 Coffee Shops With WiFi Near NYU (2024)

Haley Grant
Co-Founder of Sync

For the hordes of students and professionals that frequent the NYU area in New York, finding the perfect coffee shop to hunker down, sip on a coffee, and tackle tasks is essential. And that's why we've rounded up some of our favorite coffee shops near NYU, where you can enjoy not only a great cup of coffee but also a conducive environment for work or study.

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Otherwise, keep reading for our list of the best coffee shops to work and study from near NYU.

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The 5 Best Laptop-Friendly Cafes Near NYU

The Grey Dog

49 Carmine Street, New York 

Nestled in a charming neighborhood, The Grey Dog offers a homely, laid-back setting for those seeking a blend of productivity and relaxation. The diverse menu featuring eggs, granola, sandwiches, and salads caters to different tastes. 

With reliable WiFi and outdoor seating, it's an ideal spot for weekdays, though brunch hours and peak times may be a bit crowded.


25 East 20th Street, New York 

Devoción stands out with carefully sourced Colombian coffee served in a light-filled, brick-lined space adorned with leather sofas. Popular among remote workers, it provides a dynamic atmosphere, though it can get a bit noisy during peak hours. 

With complimentary WiFi, snacks, and a range of coffee beverages, it's the perfect spot for both students and professionals.

The Bean 

31 3rd Avenue, New York

For those seeking a quieter ambiance, The Bean on 3rd Avenue is a haven for focused study sessions. Boasting delicious coffee and strong WiFi, this coffee shop is bathed in natural light, creating an inviting space. 

What's more, it's well-equipped to accommodate large groups, making it perfect for study groups or collaborative work.

Kona Coffee Roasters 

57 2nd Avenue, New York

Known for its laid-back vibe, Kona Coffee Roasters offers a selection of specialty coffees, teas, and smoothies. This establishment has become a hotspot for laptop users, striking the perfect balance between a buzzing environment and a space conducive to concentration. 

The aroma of great coffee pervades the air, creating an inspiring setting for work and study.

787 Coffee 

72 Thompson Street, New York

For those in search of convenience, 787 Coffee not only provides good WiFi and a bright atmosphere but also outlets and even a printer for patrons to use. This makes it an excellent choice for those needing to charge up their devices or print documents while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee. It's a go-to spot for study-friendly coffee shops near NYU.

Find the Perfect Blend of Work and Coffee Near NYU!

Whether you prefer a cozy corner, a bustling ambiance, or a place with added conveniences like outlets and printers, these coffee shops near NYU offer an array of options for work and study. Each cafe brings its unique charm to the table, ensuring that students and professionals alike can find the perfect spot to blend productivity with a caffeine fix.

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