August 15, 2023
3 min read

What's Your Coffee Shop Vibe? Discover Your Ideal Work Spot

Haley Grant
CPO & Co-Founder of Sync

Choosing a coffee shop to work from is about much more than just finding the best brew. It’s also about the atmosphere and overall ambiance that makes for a conducive work spot.  Some people need an abundance of natural light when they work (me!) and open, airy spaces. Others prefer cozy, hole-in-the-wall places to set up their workspot. And some may lean towards simplistic, minimalist vibes for a more calming work environment. 

Whatever your personal preference may be, we’re going to break down the different coffee shop vibes and give our recommendations for each one in Boston.

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Bookshop-Inspired: Trident Booksellers & Cafe   

What better place to be productive than by being surrounded by books? The charm of working from a bookstore is undeniable and can be very inspiring. Not to mention, bookshop-cafe hybrids are often quieter than other places, given that people frequent these places to enjoy a good book over a cup of coffee. 

If this sounds like your vibe, we recommend Trident Booksellers & Cafe on Newbury Street in Boston. This place doubles as both a bookstore and cafe, consistently drawing in readers and remote workers who work there while enjoying their delicious coffee and all-day breakfast menu.  

Social Scene: Winter Hill Brewing Company  

If you prefer a bit more action during the workday or just feel like a bit of people watching, opt for a work spot that attracts a more social crowd. A fantastic choice for such an environment is a brewery. Not only do breweries provide ample open space but also typically furnish large tables. They strike a balance by maintaining a relatively quiet daytime atmosphere while still enjoying a vibrant vibe as patrons drop in for lunch or drinks.

Boston has several breweries that welcome remote workers, but one of our standout recommendations is definitely Winter Hill Brewing Company in Somerville. This brewery offers the best of both worlds, combining a café-like setting with the liveliness of a taproom. 

Big Open Spaces: Newsfeed Café

How spacious a place is can hold significant weight for people looking for suitable work spots. For those who prefer open spaces, with big tables and windows, the ideal choice might be more of a community center or even a library. Luckily, places like Newsfeed Café on Boylston Street offer both a library and a cafe. 

This spot has massive windows that provide lots of natural light. Not to mention, there is more than enough space for you to set up your workspace for the day – solo or with friends. 

Cozy and Rustic: Brothers & Sisters Co.

Some people need light, open, airy spaces to feel productive. Others want that little hole in the wall, cozy vibe during the workday. If that’s you, then you need to go to Brothers & Sisters Co. in Brookline.

This local gem may offer limited seating choices, but is ideal if you’re looking for that charming, snug ambiance. If you're lucky enough to secure a table, you'll enjoy the company of just a few fellow patrons in this comforting coffee shop.

Minimalist and Modern: Blue Bottle Coffee

There’s something very calming about neutral colors, uncluttered spaces, and sleek furnishings. Throw in lots of natural light, crafted coffee drinks, and warm pastries, and you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing office for the day. That’s exactly what you can expect at Blue Bottle Coffee in Cambridge. 

This trendy coffee chain is ideal for anyone who prefers a more modern, simple vibe. There aren’t a ton of charger outlets, so make sure you come with your devices fully charged. But aside from that, this place really does have it all for remote workers. 

Industrial Chic: Tradesman Coffee Shop and Lounge

Shake up your usual workspot with a unique, industrial chic vibe. We’re talking exposed brick, gorgeous light fixtures, and wood and metal accents that give an old-world type of feel. Our top pick for people looking for this type of atmosphere is definitely Tradesman Coffee Shop and Lounge on Batterymarch Street in Boston. 

Aside from dishing out delicious snacks and coffee beverages, this place also serves craft beer and cocktails – perfect for when you and your coworkers clock out for the day. 

Contemporary Lounge: Intelligentsia Coffee Post Office Square Coffeebar

Looking for a blend of modern elegance with comfort? A place to unwind, get in some quality productivity time, and maybe even do a bit of people watching? A contemporary lounge-type vibe might be just what you need in your workspace. 

One place that we love in particular is Intelligentsia Coffee Post on Franklin Street in Boston! This high-end coffee bar chain serves fantastic brews in a contemporary ambiance, with lots of natural light and overall just great vibes for remote workers. 

Explore Different Coffee Shops Near You!

These are just some of the awesome coffee shops that you can work from, all of which have a unique offering and vibe to cater to the unique needs and preferences of remote workers. Find the workspot that meets your needs on Sync!